Zeropay Finance $10000 Airdrop #1 is live

Zeropay Finance
1 min readSep 1, 2021


Hello!, welcome to Zeropay Finance. Congratulations! Zeropay Finance is announcing one more airdrop. We are happy with our community excitement for Zeropay Finance, so we decided to share our love with our community. That’s why we have launched Zeropay $10000 Airdrop #1. Airdrop participants have to complete some social tasks to win rewards.

Steps to join the airdrop:

  1. Open
  2. Complete airdrop tasks one by one
  3. Submit your details

🏆 Airdrop Rewards

🎉 1000 Lucky Winners will receive 2 ZEROPAY Tokens Each ($4 USD)

🥇 1st Top Referrer: 1000 ZEROPAY Tokens ($2000 USD)
🥈 2nd Top Referrer: 800 ZEROPAY Tokens ($1600 USD)
🥉 3rd Top Referrer: 500 ZEROPAY Tokens ($1000 USD)
🏅 4th Top Referrer: 350 ZEROPAY Tokens ($700 USD)
🏅 5th Top Referrer: 350 ZEROPAY Tokens ($700 USD)

Keep referring your friends & win up to 1000 ZEROPAY Tokens ($2000 USD)

Airdrop will end on: 5th September 11:59 PM (UTC)
Distribution on: 6th September 2021



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